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The Flower Elves

--by hiloecho, posted Mar 15, 2007

A couple we know who have fallen on hard times went out of town over the weekend we think to probably regroup and try to re-establish their love for each other so they can weather the adversities they have recently encountered. They are the type of people who will not ask for help and even if it is offered they will not accept it, at least not willingly.

We decided to do something nice for them by doing a quick landscaping job on their entrance walkway. They have a nice paved walkway but on either side it was just bare dirt, not very attractive. We went out and bought some flowers and some red cinders and replanted the walkway and then spread out the cinders for the asthetic look and hopefully to make weeding easier with less weeds able to grow through.

We think it looks great and hope that when they drive in their driveway they wonder if they are at the right house. We feel it is important for them to know that they are special people who have friends who love them.

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lourdes wrote: That was a great way to show kindness. Flowers are not only bueatiful, they help soothe the soul!
Suzie wrote: The surroundings where one lives IS an important part of one's life. I applaud you for your astute perception of your neighbor's situation and your caring, generous display of kindness in an effort to show your encouragement and support! It would have been fun to be a "mouse" to see their reaction upon their return. How very nice of you!
skamla wrote: Cant really wait to hear about their reaction.
wayfarer wrote: It's easier to love when you feel loved. And you let them know they are loved. I can't imagine the good you've done for them!
goldencomet wrote: What a beautiful thing to do!!
Ginny wrote: Thanks for the doing that. Its always nice to come to somthing nice when you are gone.
MJ wrote: Flowers are very healing. What a nice thought. I recently loss a parent and had no idea the importance of healing by simply looking touching and smelling the flowers. Great things!
sonshine wrote: Oh, I would LOVE to see their faces! What a blessing each of you are to them! Way to go! :)
beachlove wrote: How prescious! I would totally flip if I came home to any wondrous surprises as such. Flowers smile at us with their beauty!!!
sheetal wrote: I love the idea.Its awesome to walk into a house with flowers that have been planted anonymously... Loved your act.

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