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My Manure Angels

--by Hope4lisa, posted Mar 15, 2007

We own 15 acres and built a barn and house on it. I have 3 boarders. It's difficult to get good boarders sometimes as a lot of horse people can be quite difficult, but these people are wonderful and kind and very helpful.

I had left a note in the feed room (our usual way of communicating since we don't always see each other) that I was thinking of having a "poop picking up party". I like to keep my pasture as free of manure as possible as horses don't like to eat where they potty.

I asked if a Sunday would be good. Next morning, they replied yes. Sunday at 10am they said. I responded back, "You don't mean TOMORROW do you?", because I had plans and did not have the money to supply food and drink as I told them I would do.

Well, the next morning, I discovered that yes, they were talking about that day. I called one boarder and asked her to please call everyone else and cancel as I would not be able to be here. She said she would. I came home later that day and discovered that they had all been here anyway, working almost all day and had cleaned up MOST of the whole pasture. I was SO shocked and ashamed and felt SO bad!

When one girl finally came back, I apologized and she said it was no big deal, but I said I would make it up to them somehow, (although I have no idea how as we have been trying to sell this place for 2 years now and are in very dire financial straights) and she said not to worry about it. Maybe one day I could just make them all lunch. Well, I still feel bad about it. It was wonderful of them of course, but it was MY idea and then I don't even show up for it!

I have no idea what I can do to show these people my gratefulness for what they did for me. I can't afford to lower their rent for the month. I can't afford to do much of anything involving money. Normally I am a very creative person when it comes to things like this, but I am drawing a total blank this time. I was hoping someone could help me out with ideas of what I might do to show my appreciation. Thank you!

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gemma wrote: Why dont you write each of the people a letter telling them of your appreciation? Tell each of them how much thier generosity meant to you and include a genuine positive comment on what you like about that person. Its not about giving back in material terms always, sometimes we can empower others by our acceptance of thier gifts too.
sewingsphynx wrote: Appreciation has no price tag and you are giving your staff a generous supply. Not all workers are appreciated for their efforts. The gift you are already giving them is larger than you think.
beachlove wrote: Sounds like a great place for a campfire and smores!!!!
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi Hope4lisa

Don't worry about it people do good turns and get their reward from being
able to help.

If I was you in your situation I would get my children to make some nice thank you cards and put in an invitation to a camp fire night. I would have a big bonfire, a big bag of potatoes to roast, some beans, just like the cowboys do. Get someone who can play the guitar or some CDs and bring your own drinks. Have a dance and singing shindig. This would not cost much and I am sure you would all have a good time.

afriendlysmile :)

raqui wrote: We all are here talking about how to give. We sometimes need to realize we have to recieve as well sometimes.

As we know we dont need money to give to someone. I think having a little party in which you can all get together and toast to them and there kindness is a great idea.

A good meal is something everyone can enjoy. Making something special for them doesnt cost much but it is the effort that is counted not the dollars.

If all esle fails just accept a thoughtful letter or card can say more than money. As people we all understand gratitude.

monkeyinpajamas wrote: Wow!I think in the process you gave them a wonderful gift-the opportunity to give itself!

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