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Granny At Breakie

--by cfaita, posted Jun 26, 2014
My boys and I went to our special breakie (breakfast) place, and saw a little old lady come in with her son.

She started chatting with my kids, reminiscing about when her grandchildren were little and how she missed spending time with them. You could see that talking to my kids just made her day.
As we were leaving, Gero went to her and told her that she was a great 'Nonnina' which in Italian means 'Grandma'. We decided to pay for their breakfast, and asked the owner to tell them only at the end of their meal. Nice lady!
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sandyremillard wrote: Beautiful story! You made her day and our faith in humanity. People are kind, good, giving. You are a living example! Namaste, sandy
Morgine wrote: Thanks! What a nice thing to do! Two different times, total strangers have paid for my meal and i have returned the favor and done it for others. Thanks i am sure it made her day!
jomartin87112 wrote: so are you!

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