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Sister Judith Answers the Door

--by jomartin87112, posted Jul 1, 2014
My friend, Sister Judith, taught English at the local Catholic High School. Her room was "the" gathering spot for many students. Because she spent so much time with them, she fell behind in grading papers.

One morning, she was at school early, determined to grade that whole stack of papers before school began. She locked her door. No interruptions! Then came the knock on the door. One of her favorite students, who wouldn't go away and insistent on coming in.

She marched over to the door, opened it abruptly and said, "I'm very busy, this better be good." His face fell, his eyes filled with tears and he said, "Oh, Sister Judith I just wanted you to know my father died last night."
When she told me this, her eyes filled with tears, and she said, "And I'm a nun!"

Need I add that those papers were NOT graded that morning?
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sandyremillard wrote: Still her heart was with the children so people could understand her first reaction. Goes to show, we should always listen and then decide. He. Namaste, sandy
1808982955 wrote: Be cheerful! And happy every day
bluebuddha wrote: What a huge lesson in always treating every person, every moment with a presence of mind. Thanks for sharing.
Mish wrote: :)) She sounds "feisty" & tender too.... Bless her.

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