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Bridge Toll Bandit Strikes Again

--by integrity, posted Mar 18, 2007
We were on our way to visit my mother-in-law and I paid for the car behind me and left the toll booth attendant with a smile card for him. 

This time, however, the person I paid for actually passed us on the road.  It was a young man (apparantly college student, Saint Mary's) he waved and smiled as he passed. 

It brought joy to my day. 
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islandwild wrote: This was really inspiring. Thanks so much for this story! :)
sewingsphynx wrote: So glad the kindness made you feel good. I imagine it's one of several. Keep the surprises coming!
Class 4/5/6W wrote: We found the story a bit strange but we liked it - some said generous, brilliant, cool and Marcus siad "wicked"
bhappy wrote: That was very cool. You brought joy to his day also.
raqui wrote: That was great, It is so nice. I want to try and do that one.

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