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Love Without Comparison

--by maktub, posted Jul 5, 2014
I went looking for my security guard to gift him a t-shirt, but instead found another person on duty.

For a moment, I thought I would find the right person and give him the t-shirt later. But then, another thought arose, that every moment is the right moment and every person is the right person.

So I gifted the shirt to the person on duty, instead, and thanked him for all he did. I realized, "love when shared without comparison frees the spirit".
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sandyremillard wrote: You know? I truly believe that was the right decision. Once i did an intrincate craft to raffle in my meditating group. I did it with love! Then someone commented that the person who won it paid no attention to it, just tossed it away. Why waste my time? My response was my feelings were the important thing here and that could end up in the hands of the right person! God knows. Don't fret, just give. Have a lovely sunday! Namaste, sandy
jsmc10 wrote: it really does :)

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