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Tender Tomatoes

--by youandme, posted Jul 13, 2014
Helped our local, urban farmers to process tomatoes into pasta sauce for their winter pantry box.

Small, organic farmers work so hard - preparing the ground, starting seedlings, planting, weeding, harvesting, delivering, processing - that most have a hard time surviving.

I help out whenever I can during harvest season, so that they can add value to the produce at their peak and not have it all spoil because they don't have the human power to handle everything themselves.

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sandyremillard wrote: I am the divine force taking care of all tomato harvest!
jannikeo wrote: Good work! Small organic farmers are heroes, they deserve all support they can get. I am deeply grateful for local farmers that supply us with clean and healthy food!
vitalreiki wrote: Those tomatoes look beautiful. Many blessings to you!
youandme wrote: Thank you for the blessings, vitalreiki! Sending love your way. :)
peacehunter wrote: delicious!!!!!!!!!! the share &tomatoes :)
youandme wrote: Thanks, peacehunter!

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