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Mocha for Me

--by BethAnn, posted Mar 28, 2007
I live on a very busy street and the morning commute can sometimes be almost unbearable. 

One morning, I let a car out of a side street and proceeded on my way to my favorite drive thru coffee shop.  When it was my turn I ordered my mocha and as I went to pay she told me that the car in front of me had paid for me because I had let them out in traffic and they noticed I had gone to the same coffee place that they had!!! 

Now that inspired me to do likewise and occassionally that is what I do---pay it forward!!!   A small kindness like letting someone out in traffic can make someone's day!   And the bonus this time was a mocha!! Totally unexpected blessing!  It works both ways!
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skamla wrote: You see,all the good things we do wont go unnoticed.
Ginny wrote: What you know somebody was in good mood that day. Plus that only gives more ideas to go and make somebody's day.
butterfly wrote: thats such a cool story, keep up the great it forward xxx
earthling wrote: I like the way you did not highlight your kind act (letting the other car go).
wayfarer wrote: You can live a life that way! You may lose track of what you're being paid back for, eventually. But if you keep paying it forward the world will keep paying it back!
Flowers wrote: That's great
Shiv wrote: That's was great,keep doing it gives feel good factor
MJ wrote: And they say it doesnt pay to do good...of course it does. In this life and the next!
maddy wrote: that was so nice of them to do that
Aiya wrote: how wonderful :) that would be such a lovely thing to happen to anyone, kudos to the charity giving person

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