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Received a Smile Card

--by Carrie, posted Apr 26, 2006
I'm a 38 yr.old woman with 4 kids battling stage 4 breast cancer. I was out to eat with my family last weekend and we were ready to pay the bill. Inside the folder wasn't the bill, but a smile card. Our dinner was paid for by a generous soul!!

We felt so blessed by how God used someone to care for us! We can't wait to pass on the kindness.
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jsmc10 wrote: I really hope that you have managed to battle the cancer *hugs*
ihaveneatstuff wrote: I think that is wonderful! It is amazing how God works through all of us to make his blessings known.
P.S. Leanne, I'm praying for you that God will broaden your horizons and soften your heart.
leanne wrote: well i wouldn't beable to accept it because i would feel like i was a charity case
k.t. wrote: that is too bad Leanne...God wants us to accept his blessings, and generousity, and not be prideful...way to go Carrie...God is Awesome!!

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