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I Always Wanted To Be An Angel

--by doowyah, posted Mar 28, 2007
I was walking from my office to my car during rush hour at the end of work day in San Francisco.   As I waited at the corner of 3rd and Folsum for the light to change, I noticed a car about to go through the intersection. The driver looked harried and was talking on his cell phone.  

As he accelerated through the intersection, papers and a manilla folder began swirling and flying out the window.   The driver was clearly dismayed, but given the traffic and the one-way street, he simply pulled over a few blocks down. 

As the light changed, other pedestrians stomped the papers into mud puddles in their rush to cross the street.   Looking at the drivers panic stricken face, I decided to try to pickup as many papers as possible before the light turned and cars started running them over.   I noticed these paper looked like the papers I signed when I bought my house.  

As the driver came up to me to get the papers he said "You are an angel, You are an angel." 

Hearing that made me feel better than I had in weeks.
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Jeniffer wrote: You never know how much something like picking up papers for someone so that they don't get muddy means to someone else!! Its sad to say but you too often run into people who could care less and have the mentality that as long as it didn't happen to them, all is well!! It is so nice to see people who care for others, and don't expect anythink in return!!!
sophy wrote: Really great!! angels are never found easlly but you made yrself one thats cool.
JENWEN wrote: thats grea that u decided 2 help the guy. Realy inspirational
David wrote: What you felt that day was recognition for the good nature in you, we could expand on good nature, but the more important word is Appreciation. We all need to feel appreciated as a healthy signal to our souls, not depreciated. Helping others is good for the soul and it is a crime to knock it. Just remember its not always a Mentos Gum commercial, but always, always be cautious before reacting with your good nature intentions. There are bad people out there that are looking to use good people to get what they want, and believe me they can spot you a mile away. Just take care, look ahead of your steps, and as long as you take some time to assess the situation and use wisdom, you'll be ok. I use to help people stranded on the road very often, but I just stopped all of the sudden, thinking I'm pushing my luck and have done more that enough already. Now I just help when there are only Women and children involved or elderly people, but play it smart. Never write it off as everything is ok or should be fine, always stay alert, watch your back until the deed is done, safety measures etc, everything is ok when both parties are safe at home with their love-ones. Sorry to be so serious, I grew up in a criminal environment, not my home but my old neighborhood. Just wanted to share my 2 cents.
Jennifer wrote: Isn't it amazing how ten seconds out of your day can completely change someone else's?
wayfarer wrote: The cause of many of the world's problems is the seperation between "me" and "them". The folk who walked on by saw the man in the car as something other than "me". But you did for him what you have wished done for you in his position. You bridged the gap between "me" and "them" and made both of you "us"! Well done.
MJ wrote: How wonderful of you stop. Would have been much more simple to move on your way and not be bothered.
Bless you, you are an angel!
Shiv wrote: A good human story, kindness, kindness is the major factor in any human being to keep life positive

Shiv Mumbai-India
lukeyluke wrote: That is a great story.

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