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A Chance Encounter And a Priceless Lesson

--by afriendlysmile, posted Apr 5, 2007
Last weekend, I was walking across the village green when I saw an elderly gentleman on the bench, just  overlooking the duck pond.  I thought he looked abit forlorn so I went over and sat next to him.

After a few comments about how nice the weather was and how there were alot of ducks in the pond today , he told me how he used to come with his wife and watch the children feed the ducks with their mums.  They didn't have any children of their own.

He explained he had been married for 54 years when his wife died and how much he missed sharing all the little things with her.   Like a beautiful sunset .  He now lives in a care home.  I remarked at how wonderful it must've been to have been married for so long and to have so many happy memories.  He took out a large hankerchief and wiped his eyes and said he had one regret that in all that time he never told her how much he really loved her.

He showed me a photograph of them when they were young.  The photo was taken more than 50 years ago.  He couldn't believe how the time had passed by.

I tried to comfort him by explaining that his wife would be still watching over him and he could talk to her any time he wants and that she knows how much he loved her because she can see into his heart. 

The old man tried to apologize for blurting out his life story but I hushed him and said how priveldged I felt he could talk to me and how much it meant to me.

The lessons I learned from this chance encounter is that  we must tell the ones close to us how much we love and care for them and not take them for granted.

Don't put off your kind acts until tomorrow, do them today because time files.

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Pelican wrote: The story just makes me cry. How touching. It reminds me of the movie "dance with the white dog". :) :)
v.k.jain wrote: This is really wonderful and good one and so true. Donot get it late till it is too late.
Cheryl wrote: My husband and i recently divorced after 26 years of marriage. We both agree that we took care of others instead of each other. We took so much for granted and did not let each other know how deep our love really was.
Oluchi wrote: More power to your elbow, may god give us all more patience so that we might be able to notice that next person that is in need of our company, our words of encouragement and above all our love.

God bless you
hotcocoa wrote: This really has made me think, since time ago, years, my grandaugther-grandpa relationship like kind of freeze, and i feel bad for it.

Thanks for writting this because now know that next time i see my granpa i'll hug him and say i love you.

Tell the sir that i say thanks if oyu get to see him.

This is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes, im actually crying, thanks.
unknown wrote: wow, thats a really sad storie, but you were right. She will be watching over him from above.
LadyK wrote: For as long as we can't tell the future its worth taking up kind acts for it may just be too late.
astrocrazy2005 wrote: this is so beautiful...
samson95 wrote: Thanks! I know you made him feel much better! :)

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