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Tedi the Love Clown

--by Tedi, posted Apr 2, 2007

I go to the Hospital every Saturday, in my bright costume, and long eyelashes,and an august clown face.  I hand the patient a 4" Love Pillow.. hand made by myself, and a couple of friends.

I say, "This is a Love Pillow, It is to remind you that you have a Heavely Comforter,

God is still in charge, you know,

And He loves you so much,

He knows what your needs are even before you ask.

He will never leave you, He loves you with an Unending Love,  And I love you too !!!"

--Tedi the Love Clown

I have been clowning for 24 years now, and this has been my most important experience.  I see between 80 and 120 patients each week and wouldn't miss it for the life in me.

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Thaata wrote: More than medicine your love would have cured them. Such a long time of 24 years and yet you seek for such helping times. Wonderful. God bless you.
t wrote: Been doing this for the past 24 years and still the same enthusiasm which shows how happy one is in doing such nice and loving things. We all should emulate and spread love and kindness.
Lelethu wrote: I love you more - from jesus
auntydot wrote: What a great person you must be Tedi, you are one of Gods "cheerer uppers" we could do with a few more like you in our lives.
Lulu wrote: Amazing...truly inspirational
PearlyShells wrote: What a great way to make someone's hospital stay a LOT brighter! You have truly Blessed many people-More than you will ever know. My son was born with a congential heart defect so he & I have spent a LOT of time in & out of the hospital.So I know 1st hand how much you have touched hearts! You truly are a Blessing in the form of a Clown!!
MJ wrote: WEll done for the one that dwellls in me and he in us. Bles you for administering to the sick and shut-in. The ones that the world tends to forget, but you havent! May this inspire millions to do as you have done so no one will be alone sick or well.
susheela wrote: Great idea.Amazing networking in love and bonding.In India relatives fill your role,though they have different ways to show it.Culturally it is our lifeline in troubled times.
mahesh wrote: Realy you are doing a very good job. your job will surely inspire to others also.
speedi wrote: what an amazing person you are,,those people are so blessed to have someone who cares come spend some time with them God Bless You!

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