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Big Ripples

--by woodfields, posted Jul 20, 2014
The parcel I sent to my friend, arrived at her home, yesterday. Here is what she said: "Thank you Ruth, you brought tears to my eyes! You're such a kind and loving lady ♥♥♥" and then "When you know that someone still actually cares and thinks of you, it makes the day more bearable".

I really only sent a tiny gift, a little necklace I made and a pack of popping candy. Teeny things have big ripples... I'm slowly learning that the teeny things matter.

Today, I helped a friend with her schoolwork for several hours and didn't have much time for anything else. I sent a message via Facebook to a friend to tell her that I think she's amazing. It is enough.

Tomorrow I'm delivering a present to another friend! I'm very excited!
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sandyremillard wrote: How wonderful we are rebringing heaven to earth through our acts! Keep it rollin'. Enjoy this wonderful day!
micah1116 wrote: I once heard a quote that said something along the lines of, the worst thing you can do, is to do nothing because you can only do a little. That is so true. Little things over time make a big difference. Keep on spreading kindness, you're doing great! :)
brindlegirl wrote: Its the teeny things we always remember and the teeny things that touch our hearts most ♡
jsmc10 wrote: how wonderful :)

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