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Power of Flowers

--by Tesa, posted Apr 1, 2007
While at the supermarket this morning, waiting on line to pay for my groceries, I noticed the flowers by the counter  (because of my DailyGood reminder which suggested buying flowers for the cashier!).  

All of a sudden, I remembered that it had been months since I have been wanting to do something special for my downstairs neighbor who has climbed the stairs numerous times to let me know that I left my car lights on!   So I decided to buy her a bouquet of flowers to thank her, and bought a second one for myself.   

As I got back home, I found the Waste Management truck in my parking spot, with the garbage man picking up the building's trash.  My first reaction was to feel annoyed that I had to wait till he was done before I could park and get upstairs (I was feeling hungry and looking forward to getting into my grocery bag!!).   So as I was sitting there, waiting for the truck to leave, I noticed that the garbage man was looking quite unhappy.   And I knew exactly what to do about it!  

So I got out of my car with the bouquet that I was intending to keep for myself, and waited by the side of the truck for him to return to his seat.   He looked at me quite puzzled as he saw me standing there with flowers in my hands.   So I introduced myself as someone living in the building, and thanked him for keeping our street and community beautiful.  Watching his grumpy face suddenly break into a big smile just TOTALLY made my day!   

And I was thinking: wow, this is great medicine!  It really works!!    10 hours later, my heart is still spilling over!
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Readers Comments

Roseanna wrote: So much info in so few words. Tolosty could learn a lot.
LaughingHeart2 wrote: this story brings tears to my eyes...this giving is really more about receiving joy and a wonderful sense of the energy of connection with and caring for, laughingheart2
martha wrote: So many people work so hard at necessary jobs... and they seldom get appreciation or recognition. I'd like to send a great big bunch of flowers to you.
optimist wrote: What a great story. Not only were you able to turn your annoyance into happiness, but you made someone else's day as well. Can you say win, win situation? :D
auntydot wrote: What a lovely gesture Tesa.

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