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Free Pizza For Class

--by SmileMU, posted Apr 4, 2007

I always wanted to try this. 

I talked to a buddy of mine and he reminded me of a night class that he had.  I always wanted to tag a group of people and so I decided I would tag his class.

Everyone knows from student life that when you have a night class, for some reason or another, you always get hungry!   So this class was from 7pm to 9pm, with about 25 students, and I decided that I would buy some pizza for the whole class.

I walked in after the class had started and delivered the pizza.  A bit puzzled, the teacher asked the class who ordered pizza and I explained that I was bringing it on my own will.  Everyone looked a little bit stunned, in a good kind of a way. :)

She really wanted to give me a tip, but I told her that the only tip I would accept is if they all did something nice for somebody else.  I also made sure to leave them Smile Cards and they were all definitely moved by this gesture.


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Thaata wrote: So much happiness for you from the happy receivers of your kindness. God bless you.

sukriti wrote: u really did a gr8 job buddy !!!
MorningRise wrote: That was really a big act of kindness.MOst people in my country,Singapore,won't even do that.God grace be upon you!!
Jeniffer wrote: Wow!! What a nice thing to do!! It made me happier just reading that!! My husband goes to school and most of his classes are at night and he is always hungry when he gets home!! I like your tip too!! Great job!!
Metta wrote: This was so nice and generous of you to do! I love this idea! :)
Roxy79 wrote: That is so great of you to do that.
MsJava wrote: Great way of passing it on! I hope everyone was very appreciative and will remember your kindness and spread their own.
PearlyShells wrote: What a BIG Blessing you gave that class! You may never know how big of an impact that you had on those students.
Ginny wrote: Oh my gosh, what great and kind thing to.
I am still in high school but for some reason is always running of out ideas what do at school. What a great idea, in fact a wondrul one that I will have to try sometime soon.
LOVEBUG wrote: I really like pizza, hope someone will offer to buy and share one with me.

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