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Free Pizza For Class

--by SmileMU, posted Apr 4, 2007

I always wanted to try this. 

I talked to a buddy of mine and he reminded me of a night class that he had.  I always wanted to tag a group of people and so I decided I would tag his class.

Everyone knows from student life that when you have a night class, for some reason or another, you always get hungry!   So this class was from 7pm to 9pm, with about 25 students, and I decided that I would buy some pizza for the whole class.

I walked in after the class had started and delivered the pizza.  A bit puzzled, the teacher asked the class who ordered pizza and I explained that I was bringing it on my own will.  Everyone looked a little bit stunned, in a good kind of a way. :)

She really wanted to give me a tip, but I told her that the only tip I would accept is if they all did something nice for somebody else.  I also made sure to leave them Smile Cards and they were all definitely moved by this gesture.


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Thaata wrote: So much happiness for you from the happy receivers of your kindness. God bless you.

sukriti wrote: u really did a gr8 job buddy !!!
keymaker wrote: Wow, that's quite powerful!
MsJava wrote: Great way of passing it on! I hope everyone was very appreciative and will remember your kindness and spread their own.
butterfly wrote: cool!! great job!
LOVEBUG wrote: I really like pizza, hope someone will offer to buy and share one with me.
bhappy wrote: Very kind and generous of you...God Bless You..
sleepytomato wrote: That is a really awesome gesture - most people are apprehensive to do one nice thing for ONE person and here you are being kind to TWENTY-FIVE people! I'm sure you really made their day - in terms of food and heart :)
Ginny wrote: Oh my gosh, what great and kind thing to.
I am still in high school but for some reason is always running of out ideas what do at school. What a great idea, in fact a wondrul one that I will have to try sometime soon.
PearlyShells wrote: What a BIG Blessing you gave that class! You may never know how big of an impact that you had on those students.

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