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1st Random Act of Kindness

--by CP, posted Apr 27, 2006
Well, today I performed my first random kindness act. I paid for the car behind me in Mcdonalds.

I was a little embarassed at first, and I didn't have my smile cards with me so I asked the clerk to give them one of the pages I printed out of your IDEAS.

The couple smiled and he yelled "thank you" to me ... it was a wonderful feeling.

I'm sure I won't be as embarassed next time. :)
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jsmc10 wrote: :) sometimes it can take a lot to start :)
minky wrote: It is such a nice thing that you do :o)
I just hope that some day I'm behind you in the queue (Ill have a big mac and a large strawberry milkshake please and my husband will have a phillay o fish and large fries)
many thanks!
elli wrote: Minky, I hope one day you'll be the one ordering for someone else instead of hoping to place your order. =)

It is in giving that we receive.
kim wrote: I do this is cool to see from your rearview mirror...someone from my church dared me to give out a bible with the smile I did...on Christmas eve...I was nervous too..but the after feeling is awesome...Good Going!!
Liz wrote: It was very nice for what you did for that couple. It shows that you care for the people in this world and that you are not selfish.

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