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What Is $5?

--by ibsoldout, posted Apr 7, 2007

The other day some co-workers and I went to subway for lunch.  We made our purchases and proceeded back to the car. 

As we were leaving I heard some one calling to me.  I looked up and saw a lady looking distressed.  She wanted a dollar so she could get a snack.  She looked like she had been walking for quite a while and if nothing else was thristy. So I looked in my wallet and all I had was a $5.  I reached in pulled it out and handed it to her. 

My friends commented that they don't have extra money to pass out like that, but the way I figure -- what if that was my daughter or sister?  Would I want someone to shrug her off?  What if she was desperate?  I didn't know if she was homeless, her car had broken down, or she was stranded and had to walk a while till she could get to someone who could help her.  I couldn't take that chance. 

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Aurelia wrote: That was so nice of you to give without even thinking twice. Treating a stranger like family is something to be proud of. Good for you. ~Aurelia
jacqueline wrote: How generous of you. Most people would say "I don't have any change". You helped someone in time of need and you have also shown your friends how to apply random acts of kindness. Hope they learnt something from you.
lovebug wrote: I am always being told not to give money to strangers, I will make them depended on others, but I believe some of the strangers might be angels in diguise
asdf wrote: that's so nice of you! I really admire you for doing what you did instead of just shrugging her off!
Babygirl wrote: No one ever knows what is going on in someones life at the time when they really need some one but you where there when some one needed you and by your actions you inspired another person to do the same for some one else.

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