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An Amazing Tip At A Coffee Shop

--by papaya, posted Apr 11, 2007
Today I was at our local coffee shop (NOT Starbucks, I might add :] ) and I saw something truly incredible.

The woman in front of me in line was having a friendly conversation with the person working at the shop. All of the sudden, out of the clear blue, this woman decided to hand the clerk a 100 dollar bill as a tip for being so friendly! The woman was very plain looking- her clothes looked worn but clean and she did not appear at all wealthy.

I think this is a terrific example for us to follow. Obviously, not everyone can afford to hand away a hundred dollars everwhere, but we can do the same sort of thing on a smaller scale. Leave generous tips at restaurants. Toss your extra change in the tip jar-- honestly, saving that 26 cents will not benefit you. You can even make a child's day by dropping a nickel or a quarter here and there and everywhere! (make sure it's heads up!)
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Babygirl wrote: Good idea, I wouldn't have thought of it but I will make sure that it's heads up.

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