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The Joys of Being a Waitress

--by Babygirl, posted Apr 13, 2007

As a waitress you meet and see all types of people.  I guess you could call it the melting pot of the highway because the food connects us all.

I was about to end my shift one afternoon when a group of people came in.  As they sat down, they explained that they were trying to make it home and just had enough to buy their children a small snack and that all they needed was water. So I showed them a few things on the menu and asked them what they would like.

As I walked away to turn in their order, I just couldn't see this family leaving hungry with a snack and some water!  So I asked some friends to join me in helping this family and they agreed because they know how I am when it comes to helping others and it gives them the fuzzy feeling of making a difference too.

So I went back to the table and quietly let the parents know that they could order what they wanted because it was taken care of by some strangers.  At first, they didn't know what to say but with a smile and a glance at the menu, they kindly accepted.

When they left all you could see was smiles, and with a tear in my eye, I wished them a safe trip and asked them to stop by if they were ever in the area again.

I learn that with every kind gesture you connect with that person and the emotion it gives flows both ways. I guess you could say they brought me home to my heart that day and every day.

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smileswithhope wrote: This is a really beautiful story. How thoughtful of you to do something for that family, and really give with your heart. :)
happyhomemom wrote: How great you could bless a family
snowflake66 wrote: What a beautiful kindness -- I am smiling from ear to ear :) Thank you for sharing yourself as well as this story! Bravo, sweetheart --

snowflake66 :)
Jacqueline wrote: It is knowing that there are still good people in the world, that makes us want to go on living in a world that is now full of hate/violence/corruption.
Hemanta Chakma wrote: I do not really struggle to find GOD in anything, however i believe "To Love somebody with a purpose and means is humanly, but to Love & be compassionate towards complete strangers is GODLY"
Rajeev Singh wrote:
Helping strangers without expecting anything is a noble gesture and it does not come lot many of us naturally , but as per the instance shared by babygirl we all who read such instances in the same words and spirits tend to join in such acts which are always helping our brothers and sisters who are not all that well off. may God be with us in all such doings. Quich actaul story in new Delhi , India .In one of the hospitals "Chandiwala eye hospital" one poor man came to have his eyes operated but after examination and check up he realised he did not have the operation fees, so alongwith wife and a kid they started back. One gentleman approached the family and gave them auto fare and told his wife and kid to be at home and he will speak to the physician.This person got the poor man operated , paid for his three day stay and post operative medicines and left the hospital without leaving his contact numbers.This instance keeps coming back to me of and on.If we can offer anything , lets do it without letting others know what you have done.It should not be a charity to be reflected in our resumes, to bring us in media or limelight.(the very purpose is defeated there). As they say ,Do good with your right hand without letting your left hand knowing.Take care.
Enna wrote: My friend Maikol has a commitment to finding goodness in everyone. I'm happy to say goodness is alive and well on earth no matter what anybody says.
SueAnn wrote: what a wonderful story! You never know when you are kind to strangers...what blessings return to you. You must be a real pleasure to work with. thank you
Gurudatt wrote: When we help friends, relatives or colleagues maybe there is some selfish motive. Babygirl being compassionate and generous to total strangers, without knowing whether she would ever meet them again, is a noble act, indeed! May her tribe increase.
Rajee Seetharam wrote: Truly inspiring !!!! I shall make it my duty to tell this to kids whom I meet...Oh, how I wish I could meet you and give you a you.

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