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Walking Boots

--by Forches, posted Apr 12, 2007
The other day we heard this story about a man with four children who loved walking.

He noticed that everyone's walking boots were really dirty. So, later that night when everyone had gone to bed he went downstairs and cleaned them completely with water and a scrubbing brush. Then he waxed them all and left them out on the kitchen table to be discovered in the morning.

When his children asked him about it, he said that it must have been Waxclean, the good fairy of walking boots!
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Mirrorgal wrote: a funny and sweet story thank you for sharing it with us made me smile
AURELIA wrote: Forches, That is a funny story..Waxclean the food fairy of walking boots :)
I guess his boots are made for walking and now so are his children's boot too.
LOVEBUG wrote: What a sense of humor. Laughter heals the soul

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