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Sunglasses in the Custodian Closet

--by Aurelia, posted Apr 13, 2007

I'm new to the Smile Cards, but here's my first experience with the cards.

I work in a school and after all the kids are gone for the day a sweet young lady  Claire comes in to clean the school classrooms and offices. I'm there late once a week and I often chat for a few minutes with her.  She always makes me feel so good because she's not full of herself and instead she wants to hear about me or will talk about her children.  Our conversations are always great. 

Last week she wasn't her happy self and told me how her husband had lost his job of 15 years and that she didn't know what they would do without his income. I wanted to cheer her up some how, but couldn't think of anything at that time. Later that week I was in a department store I noticed all the pretty summer clothing and racks of sunglasses.  I tried on several pairs and finally found the perfect pair, and I smiled at my reflection in the mirror, then I thought, "Wow Claire would look great in these!"  I already had a pair that would be fine again this year, so I bought the glasses for Claire.

I was too excited to wait until my one late night that I worked, so I put them in a pretty bag and left them in the custodians closet for her! 

When I came in the next day a fellow employee told me that she was talking to Claire as she went to the closet and opened it. When Claire saw the bag and took out the sunglasses and read the Smile Card her face lit up! She put the glasses on and smiled a BIG grin.  She said she hadn't had anything to smile about in a few days and it felt good.

She left me a note about how she was having a rough day and that my act of kindness meant so much to her.  It made me feel good knowing that I  got her the sunglasses instead of myself.  I wish I could do more for her, but at least she knows I am thinking of her even when I'm not at work.  I look forward to creating more Smile Moments.

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Readers Comments

Alraisi wrote: This comment is a little bit but you are such a great person and that is something I like. You have a very big heart which makes you think and give to others more than yourself. Keep Doing That...!!!
tenderheart wrote: welcome. Thanks for sharing. please continue spreading kindness. it was so sweet of you. :)
Suzie wrote: Claire will always remember you kindly. What a special gesture.
ADEMI wrote: It may be tough sometimes but it's pretty good when you consider peoples feelings more important than yours. Keep it up
Flowers wrote: Thanks for sharing your lovely story.
JoAnne wrote: claire was probably able to go through the remainder of the day without all of the thoughts of how her family was going to make it just because of your thoughtfullness, sometimes we need a small distraction like this to know that things somehow some way will be okay.
thanks for sharing.
silver wrote: u are a rock star..i am motivated!
auntydot wrote: You must be a very nice person to know, how thouthtful of you.
Michael wrote: That is so kind of you to cheer up somebody and make their day. I too love the feeling of brightening a persons day because they feel so much better. You did good.
Pushpa wrote: ahhh...that's sooo cute...i felt very happy reading about your act filled with love and kindness...when the whole world is busy thinking about's very rare of people to think about others...even when i go to any shop i think first about myself, what will look good on me, if i should buy this or that, and yes occassionally i do think about my family members while shopping, but thinking of others....that too of people who are not all that close to you (and who are in need)...hmmm...have never done that before...i think i learnt a very nice lesson from you aurelia...i'll try to think about people in need of some love and care in their tough times ...thanks a lot for sharing this with us and teaching all of us such a beautiful lesson......i hope you will teach all of us more and more kindness lessons....thumbs up to you from my side...

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