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We Got Tagged Ourselves!

--by integrity, posted Apr 15, 2007

My fiancé and I were having breakfast at a neighborhood diner Saturday morning.  When were requested our check the waitress said that “our friends” paid for our breakfast.  We asked who and she smiled and walked away.  We looked around the restaurant to see if maybe someone was smiling at us but we didn’t catch anyone’s eye.  So we assumed they wanted to be anonymous. 

My fiancé looked at me and said, “Wow those smile cards really work”.  We both laughed and smiled at each other for awhile.


We have really enjoyed dropping smile cards on unsuspecting folks.  It has been fun and it has put a smile on our face more than once.  It was an odd feeling to have someone do it to us.  It was just a little strange to walk out of that restaurant looking around like, ok…who dunnit?  :)


What a beautiful world we live in.  Thank you to "our friends".

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bluqtgyrl wrote: Karma, what goes around comes around. You're rewarded for your good deeds and kindness one way or another. =]
Afriendlysmile wrote: Hi Integrity

The world is most beautiful by people like you and your fiance.

Go smiling.

Afriendlysmile :)
Ginny wrote: I never really had that happen to me have someone pay for my meal. I have ton alot of things to help other people and never ask for anything back.

Just reading you story now wants to me pay for somebodys coffee or something like that.

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