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Casserole For My Friend

--by Aurelia, posted Apr 13, 2007

My girlfriend at work is going through a rough time. Both parents are sick and recently moved in with her. She has two teenage children that are involved in sports and music. So she is constantly running here and there and on demand.  

I couldn't believe my ears when she told me that she had volunteered to teach Religious Ed classes in her home on Wednesday nights for the next 6 weeks ... which happened to be the next day.  I was thinking about her on the way home that night and wondering if she was in her car on the way to some sport event or music lessons.

Then I thought that it would be nice if I made a quick dinner casserole for her family for the next night since she would be having the Religious Ed class in her home. I brought it to work in the morning and she was thrilled and thanked me many times for thinking of her and her family.  They were getting a little tired of eating fast food and pizza and it was going to be nice to eat a warm homemade dinner.

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tenderheart wrote: awww. so thoughful. :) thanks for sharing kindness. thanks for making a difference in people's lives.
Alraisi wrote: YOU... I Love you... It's so nice you always do nice things for poeple and I like that very much. I really wish if you were a close friend to me really. Thinking about others give them that touching moment and feelings which they don't get from everybody. Keep it up...!!! God Bless You And All...!!!
JUSTme wrote: was a nice thought =D keep it up
Samsonmybf wrote: That was so nice of you, and I know it was a big help to your friend!
Samsonmybf wrote: That was so nice of you, and I know it was a big help to your friend!
robbie wrote: what a kind and generous favor!
i can understand how great that must have made her feel!
optimist wrote: Things like that mean so much, especially if the person going through a time like that. Keep it going - she'll probably still need more of the same.

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