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Old Man on a Bicycle

--by Rashmi, posted Apr 15, 2007
Kindness acts are a great excuse to believe in ourselves and our world.

Once I had been invited for the lunch at one of my relatives house. My aunty gave me the address and told me to come to her house for the my meal, until I got settled into the new city.  In trying to get to her house, I gost lost and was despearately looking for help on the lonely roads for more than half an hour. 

In a bit, I saw a old man on bicycle.  I didn't want to stop him but I had no choice so I asked him for the address; he explained the route but it just didn't sink in; I was so tired of hunting around for the place and at this point, I was super hungry and thirsty too. 

Well, that old man was a dear soul.  Seeing the frustration and helplessness on my face, he accompanied me all the way to my aunt's house.   When I reached my aunts house,  I thanked that old man for guiding me till the house.  He smiled and left. 

When I shared my story with my Aunt, she mentioned that he was the "watchman" for their community and that he was going home for his lunch break.   And that becaues his lunch breaks are only 15 minutes, he basically skipped his lunch to help me today.

That was the day I realised the value of kindness.  Kindness is divinity personified.
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AURELIA wrote: Rashmi, This is a wonderful example of giving of ourselves! You should feel blessed to have come across a person who is so unselfish. I bet he felt good knowing you were spending time with a relative and got there safely because of him. God Bless.
writingmomma wrote: Like you, I often find myself at the mercy and kindness of strangers. I learn so much from them. It is the kindness of others that teaches me how to be kind.

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