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Anonymous Flowers Never Fail

--by psbiggs, posted Apr 6, 2007
I have used this idea a few times. Send someone flowers without signing the card or indicating in any way who they are from. The person not only gets a warm fuzzy feeling from the flowers but as they try to figure out who might of sent the bouquet, they think about all the people in their lives who care about them.

The first time I did this, the intent was just to make the man smile and yet I did not want to send the wrong message so I did not sign the card. He was an older man at work, widowed and his family was somewhat estranged. He had always been kind to me and helped me through my initial years. It was his birthday and I just wanted him to know he was thought about. The result of not signing the card was an unexpected joy.

The whole office (over 300 people) buzzed about his flowers as everyone tried to find out the sender. This made him feel special and then, as he would try to think of people who would have sent them, he would light up. He made contacts he had been putting off for a long time to see if they had sent the flowers. He finally did find out it was myself and that gave him an added smile that someone he didn't suspect would send him flowers.

The resultant joy of this act was so much more than anticipated. I think that is the way it is many times when we reach out to others with a simple act. I've found this works best with someone who really wouldn't suspect you would send them flowers because they do not readily suspect you and end their search early on although I have sent to people I know and it does make them smile.
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CJ wrote: I want to do this for my ex who i've been broken up with for 2 1/2 months but he recently reached out to me twice but i did not reply because it was through text. So i really hope the anonymous flowers get him to thinking it's me and that we should get together to talk. Btw, i would be sending them for his bday march 12. Wish me luck!
Dawnie M wrote: I just an exotic floral piece to a gentlemen I have liked since I was about 10 or 12. I am now 37 and he's 46. I am going to let him wonder who it is until maybe next week. I hoep it all works out.
Suzie wrote: I love the fact that this kind deed makes the receiver THINK of so many people that are special to themselves! That in itself is a definate reflection time that is good for the soul! So good of you to do!
JuneBug wrote: This is something I want to do now! Wow! Thanks!
Jerrod Justin Raj wrote: Wow..... I really love the concept of doing things unexpectedly.It make really sense of belonging and make that moment Joy and happiness.May God bless with lots of joy and happiness.
Sanjay M wrote: nice one... will try it out myself too - thanks :)
oluchi wrote: i love this, of course simple acts of kindness especially to someone who does not anticipate it is simply fabulous. keep up the good work and God will bless us all.
Robin wrote: I love this idea! Joy ongoing. Brilliant!
Sean Elias wrote: Love this idea1 I love the concept of doing things anonymously! It makes being kind much more fun, magickal, and wonderous.
Thanks for sharing the story. It is truly inspiring!
monabr wrote: Giving anonomously is a wonderful way to pick up someones well as your own! Good on ya psbiggs!!!!!

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