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The Pick-Me-Up BackPack

--by bhappy, posted Apr 16, 2007
For the past month I have been down, which is not like me.  I'm uncertain about  my relationship, you know how that is.

Anyways, to try and get myself out of a funk, I decided to get a brand new back pack and fill it up with all sorts of neat things Pencils, note pads, t-shirts a purse and other stuff..  When I got done it was stuffed.  I put a note that said free  along with one of my smile cards.  I took it downstairs and left it in the laundry room  for somebody to take. 

I don't know about the person receiving it but it sure put a smile on my face.
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hugsnkisses wrote: Wow...u have a great gift of being kind..thats great.
kymma wrote: Hey Becki,
I really love that idea. Your one act has just turned into two because i am going to do the exact same thing tomorrow. Inspiring.
Sharpy wrote: Just imagine if the person who found that was in a really bad way,that would of mad such a difference to their day.Good on ya mate!
LOVEBUG wrote: I can only pray my mind will open up as much as yours has, what a cool idea.
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi Becki

That was a really nice thing you did especially when you weren't feeling to good yourself. Glad it brought the smiles back out, we are with you.

Go smiling.

Afriendlysmile :)

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