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My 6 Minutes Will Save You 60!

--by bgelfo, posted Jul 22, 2014
My neighbors are a couple in their mid 60's. Both of them are quite active, but like me, they have a very steep yard that can be difficult to mow if you accidentally wait an extra day or two and the grass thickens.

For me, it is no problem because I have a riding mower, but they have an electric push mower. This Saturday when I mowed my lawn, I looked over at theirs and saw how thick it was. I would not help but imagine the hour or so it would take for them to cut it.

So I took a right turn and cut their lawn right after mine. They were so very appreciative. I simply told them, for me to give 6 minutes of my time and give you an opportunity to save 60 minutes of yours just seemed like the right thing to do.
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sandyremillard wrote: Wow, so thoughtful and kind! Foresee lots of blessings in your path. Have a lovely day!
Akingbule Bayonle wrote: Good tender heart, god ll bless you
brindlegirl wrote: So beautiful and kind and lovely and wise way to look at it. 6 mins vs 60 ♥
cabbage wrote: Awesome! Thank you for helping them :-)
rash wrote: Excellent job!!
Mish wrote: Super!!!!! Kudos.

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