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--by lisabohn, posted Jul 24, 2014
For Day 2, reconnecting with an old pal, I sent a message to a woman I've known since pre-school (we're now 39!). She had a lot of challenges and personal difficulties in her life, struggles with drugs and alcohol, etc., but really pulled out of it and has become a counselor focusing on helping youth with drug and alcohol issues (!). Turns out that I caught her at exactly a time when she was really needing some support due to some marital issues, and she was really grateful that I had reached out and told her what an inspirational person I think she is.
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sandyremillard wrote: God's time is perfect, isn't it? You agreed to meet with her to reinforce her. Wonderful! Sandy
sandy wrote: God's timing is perfect. Isn't it? You agreed to be there at just the right time she needed you. Wonderful!

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