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Park Clean-up

--by lotusgirl40, posted Jul 23, 2014
Yesterday evening, my husband and I took our grandson to the playground for a little while after supper. While we were there, he had a snack and on our way to the trash to throw away the wrapper, we all worked together to pick up some other trash that had been misplaced.

I think this helps create more of a "community" feel rather than just "me and mine". No matter how the trash got there, I want everyone to enjoy a clean, beautiful area.
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sandyremillard wrote: So agree with you. When i do my morning walk i ended picking up litter and deposit it the club house deposit! Then pray silently people develop the awareness and desire to keep our planet clean. Have a lovely day. Being caring demonstrates we appreciate.
brindlegirl wrote: It makes me so happy knowing people like you are out there in this world ♥
micah1116 wrote: That's a really kind thing to do! Way to go for thinking of the well being of others : )

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