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--by karishma1090, posted Aug 2, 2014
I was inspired by a couple stories, here!
I decided to have a burrito from a local fast food restaurant. I went through the drive-through. I was telling my dad about this 21 day challenge and how a lot of people pay for the next person in line. My dad and I decided that we should try it!

 I order my $2 burrito and go to the window. I ask the cashier if I can pay for the person behind me and he asked me if I was sure I wanted to do that. I said yes, and told him to give the next customer a smile card.

I asked how much the total is, and he said, “Woah! It’s over $17!”
At this point, I’m thinking, “Woah that's a lot!” too. But in that time I also thought - well hey, If I were in his situation and someone paid for my $17 meal, I would be the happiest person there is. THAT would make my day.

I told the cashier that it was fine and he asked, “You sure? Think about it... Are you sure?”

Even though I was nearly $18 short for a $2 burrito, I've never felt better. My dad encouraged me and my mom was proud of me.
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brindlegirl wrote: I have no doubts about it at all. You totally made someones day. Wow. They'll be talking about that day and what you did for many years. Bless you xox
Morgine wrote: A couple years ago a total stranger i did not know, paid for my dinner before leaving the restaurant before me. I was so blown away, even though the bill was not much, i was so amazed and surprised! I smiled the entire rest of the day. A few months later, i paid for someone else and it felt really good. Fast forward to last week. I had to have a speed sensor replaced on my older honda as my partner was injured and could not do it now. I was in line to pay and the man in front of me, with a heavy accent, could not pay his $19. 00. Neither of his credit cards would go through. I over heard the woman comment that he had come in several times and she knew normally his credit was good. Now he would have to figure out how to drive a long way home to get his checkbook today and so on. He was embarrassed. I just handed the woman my credit card and paid for him! I thought. I will not miss the $19 a year from now! He was very surprised and grateful. When i finished paying, the woman gave me three tickets for having my car washed at my favorite place that recycles all their water! The tickets were almost the value of what i gave the man. The universe always takes care of us! Give and someone else gives back! Thanks for doing that. Someone will step up for you someday! Really!
FaithFaith wrote: What a beautiful idea! I haven't thought about paying for the next person at the drive thru. Thank you for giving me another way to show kindness and make someone's day a little brighter.
Theresa Corman wrote: You did a wonderful thing. You will never know whether the person behind you was down on their luck or not but will have made their day a lot brighter by your generous act of kindness.
CANYOUSEE wrote: Wow :) im happy to hear that! Nice!
jomartin87112 wrote: I'm proud of you too! ya done good!
karishma1090 wrote: Aww so sweet, I appreciate it ! I'm new to this community but I already love it!
purplejo wrote: Well done you :)
cey92 wrote: Well done

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