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Making Nature Accessible to Everyone

--by mpghome2, posted Aug 1, 2014
As the mom of a child with cerebral palsy (a disorder that causes physical disability), I know that there are not a lot of parks or trails where my son can truly experience nature. Thus, I volunteer at a neighborhood arboretum, where I work with other volunteers to add a sensory garden with raised flower beds. Those confined to chairs are able to touch and feel the plants.

The park is full of plants with various textures, scents, and bright colors. This week, we are adding fall plants, mums, tall grasses, and ornamental cabbages. Our special needs program is going to have students craft scarecrows and jack-O-laterns to decorate the park with.

It fills me with joy to see so many happy faces filled with pride when they see the disabled people come through and enjoy the festive park we helped create!
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Theresa Corman wrote: Wow, what a beautiful story. A sensory garden is something i had never heard of before but i love the idea of opening the door to those who are unable to connect with nature because of the barriers other trails and parks.
beetoote wrote: Nice, very nice.
A wrote: What a great idea!
lminino wrote: I have been to many sensory gardens and none have incorporated the use of people in wheelchairs...thank you for sharing your story. It certainly inspired me.
lminino wrote: Comment posted!
debbe530 wrote: There is a wonderful herb and flower garden at Hovander Farms Park in Ferndale. WA that has elevated beds that are WC accessible. Glad to see another.
peacehunter wrote: Brilliant !!
jomartin87112 wrote: what a blessing that garden is - and you' all for doing all that work!

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