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Free Dinner In Fifteen

--by Aurelia, posted Aug 7, 2014
At the grocery store I noticed that there was sale on some frozen dinners. So, I picked up a few extra for the freezer at work. 

I am always hearing people at work saying they are hungry, but they only get a fifteen minute break and can't really go out to get something to eat in that short amount of time. 

Sure enough, the next day someone said they were hungry. I told them there were a few dinners in the freezer and they could eat one on their fifteen minute break. 

The smile on her face was priceless! It's a easy as that. And smiles are contagious!​
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brindlegirl wrote: Oh you are amazing. What a thoughtful, kind and beautiful thing to do. Thank you xox
wavingatyou wrote: Free food always welcome :)
Mish wrote: Great idea Aurelia! Kudos
coffeemug wrote: Oh, I LOVE this idea!!! Gonna borrow it, OK??? ;)

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