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A Lift From The Storm

--by tambu, posted Apr 21, 2007
My daughter works in a drive-thru coffee shop downtown.  Our town is small, so we know just about everyone that goes by. 

Gena is a less-abled mom who always walks with two crutches and her son, Sam, rides his bike along with her.  They don't have a car.  The other day a tremendous storm hit and my daughter called to tell me that Gena and Sam were walking in the freezing rain. 

I stopped what I was doing and went to pick them up.  They were so cold, wet and grateful. 

I was so proud of my daughter for taking the initiative to help others!
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thaata wrote: Beautiful gesture that brought solace to the hapless mother and son. You and your daughter deserve a real hug. Thank you.
warmth wrote: Your daughter did the timely action. God sent her and u like angels for Gena and Sam. Thank you for posting it her.
ieiblue wrote: wow.. mother-daugther tandem.. big hug to the both of you... :P
Annap wrote: we can make this a 'pay it forward'= we should do good to others too...
cate wrote: That shows how kindness is good and especially if we teach others and especially childran.
eyemknowsyko wrote: You daughter obviously got her kindess and
care for others from you. I feel these are both very important things to pass on to children. If they dont learn it from you who will they learn it from??
joan wrote: I'm sorry...but I don't understand why the daughter didn't pick them up?
jhulz wrote: Wow! This is a beautiful and inspiring story. I will share this to my friends. You guys are awesome. God bless!
carey442 wrote: Often times, our kids are a reflection of us. You should both be proud.
MJ wrote: Very well done! My heart is full.

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