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An Unexpected Person At the Breakfast Table

--by kemaland, posted Apr 23, 2007

When we help others, God adds in some blessings.

I walked in a hotel the day before yesterday and I ordered my breakfast.  After me, an old lady walked in and said Hi! to me and sat next to me.  When I ordered breakfast, she also did the same thing. 

Now, I don't know her and I've never even met her.  She asked me of what I think is good for her to order and I told her whatever she feels is good.  She started ordering everything such that the waiter began to question her about who was actually going to pay for this.  And she pointed to me!

Surprisingly, I wasn't surprised.  Since I had the money, I  was ready to cater for an extra cost.

The analogy of this short experience is that  we should always be ready to perform our kindness acts at any place and anywhere we go.  We should be the mirror that reflects kindness.

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Readers Comments

sachin wrote: Yes, that very much true.... but,,,,when someone tries to overstep....we must teach him/her a lesson. As our great leader Mahatma Gandi Ji said:

If someone slaps U, put second side of your face before him/her,,
and if he/she is so shameless that he/she slap on the second side,,,,then......we should ot spare him/her.

and I think that's what is true....Try to shower the act of kindness equally on needed ones instead of one strubborn/indecent one........
LOVEBUG wrote: It is true we should be reflections of Christ, as I look within I find things that do need some adjustments, but I pray in Gods time I will preceive how to make those adjustments,I do not think it will come from outside.
AURELIA wrote: Kemaland, You are a true reflection of Jesus' goodness. Some might say I earned my own money to eat, you need to do the on the other hand are a giving person. SMILE at your reflection in the Mirror because you are a Good, compassionate human being.

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