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Little Pieces Of Glass

--by smilingtofu, posted Apr 25, 2007
Last night I went outside to practice skateboarding. Afterwards, I took a small walk in  the neighborhood. As I walked, I noticed there were pieces of broken glass on the side walk.

I thought that I should scoot the broken glasses into the grass so people wouldn't step on it, after all, I have seen little kids playing around the neighborhood.

But then a thought occurred to me, people could still get hurt from the glass even if they were in the grass.

After a small debate within in my head...

I went home and grabbed a plastic bag and returned to the same area. I decided to pick the pieces and put them into a plastic bag.   (At the same time, I was thinking that hopefully this isn't stealing.. because I'm suddenly taking these pieces of glass.. which were clearly not mine.)

I grabbed as many as I could find and eventually putting the plastic bag of the glasses in at least two more bags, and then into a brown paper bag with the word written across 'Glass' (haha), so people couldn't get cuts easily. In the end, I threw the bag away...

So now the kids can play outside with less hazard things around.
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iophobic wrote: lol. weird. but its still kindness
ADEMI wrote: That's a very good one, keep it up friend.
SmileHiClub wrote: Often we see people walk-by and kick something, like glass, aside so they don't trip or hurt themselves. You took the time to stop and remove the problem so that all people are safe. This act cost no money and has a huge impact on the whole community. It shows that everyone can have an impact it doesn't take money the best things are free!!!
sleepytomato wrote: THAT'S SO CUTE TAMS :)

You definitely saved a lot of cuts and injuries by doing such an act - thank you :)
bluqtgyrl wrote: =D That was a very wonderful gesture! Not only did you prevent injuries on small children but dogs and squirrels too!

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