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Learning The Homeless Man's Story

--by jwharper, posted Aug 11, 2014
On my way home I saw a homeless guy who lives in his car. I have driven by him many times without paying much attention. He seemed okay with his place and his anonymity. 

But last night I stopped, I introduced myself and asked him about himself. 

I'm somewhat embarrassed to report that his story surprised me in that he was a regular guy who had been gainfully employed in the area for many years in a very respectable career. I don't know what I thought his background was. 

I too often judge on appearances. I was prepared to give him some money but it became clear money was not a problem for him. He was simply happy to have someone stop, engage him in conversation and share some stories about local politics. 

I am a more educated person for having stopped and I now know a nice guy in the neighborhood.
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sandyremillard wrote: Very nice of you! Remember, we don't know when we're dealing with an angel. Once i read there was this beggar in a town everybody knew. Hardly had something to cover his groin and a bowl. Everybody thought he was kind of crazy. One day people began to notice a great glow come from a street he used to go to. His whole being was glowing in light. He was obviously a very advanced soul that had passed on!

I feel like i stopped there when you went there. I experienced it with you. We are all one. Thank you!
Namaste sandy
sandra wrote: At one time or another we all judge others by either the appearance or circumstances, by the station in life. I try to remind myself of two things: first i remind myself that judgment is to be left to god, and second, that but by the grace of god we could also experience a drastic unfortunate change in our lives. May you feel god's blessings for stopping to speak with the man.
jomartin87112 wrote: good for you!

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