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Cinderella, you have brightened the world.

--by amneaves, posted Aug 14, 2014
Today was an intense day that offered opportunity for the whole community to be kind. Our dear friend Cinderella down the road had a severe stroke some time last night, and was found this morning by her close friend who noticed she had not picked up her paper or walked her dog.

Thank GOODNESS for kind, loving neighbors who pay attention. She ran to get my mom, who is a nurse, and we both ran to Cindy's house. I had never seen someone in her state, she was not responsive to us, but she looked terrified.

We called 911 , and while we waited we spoke to her to calm her and I sang to her a little bit, which helped her close her eyes and stop shaking. After she was taken, 2 neighbors went to the hospital, while a team of 4 of us began to clean her room and figure out how to care for her 19 year old dog--he was pretty shaken up as well.

Everyone who saw the ambulance asked about Cindy and expressed their desire to help if it was needed.

My mom saw that she had written on her calendar "fly flag for Uncle Fred, POW", and so we hung her flag. As we waited to hear more, we sent blessings to her, and I began to play my guitar.

I created a song that became a sort of meditation and my dad came in and played with me as I sang. My mom joined us, and we were able to speak our sadness with the language of music.

Finally, my mom and I went to the hospital and were allowed to visit Cinderella. We sang to her, spoke to her, and held her, letting the parts of her that could understand us know that she is allowed to let go if she needs to, or stay if she wants to, and that all those who love her support her.
I continue to pray for peace for her, and ask for all who read this to send her peace as well. She is a bright spirit, always creating--her house is FULL of beautiful, eclectic items that she fastens. She is a kind woman and surrounded by love.
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Shari Gaston wrote: What about her dog? He must be lost without her.
debbe530 wrote: You made me cry. What a lovely gift you gave her.
tsukid wrote: And you are part of that Love that surround her. You made me cry too.
Mish wrote: Neighbor kindness is a privilege for me. All are one. Bless you.
debbe530 wrote: Thanks for your note and Karma bucks. I hope Cinderella is doing what her soul needs to do now.

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