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Five Pounds For A Big Issue

--by afriendlysmile, posted Apr 30, 2007
I was in the city of York this last week.  If you are ever near  Yorkshire, don't miss going there -- you will not be disappointed.  The history of the city goes right back to the Romans and Vikings, when it used to be called Jorvik.  There are so many fabulous places to visit, like the stunning cathedral.

I thought I would do an act on kindness on the oldie worldie streets.  I saw a man was selling Big Issue magazines for a £1 -- it is a scheme for homeless people to raise money.  He wasn't having much luck as everybody just averted their eyes;  it must be soul  destroying to be ignored all the time. 

I went over to him and said hi and gave him £5.  Quickly, he started to find the change and I told him it didn't matter.  You would not of believed the transformation that came over him when he gave me a big smile!  He looked a different person, a human being with a heart and soul.

"Thank you, thank you," he beamed.  I felt really pleased that such a little can make a big a difference to someones day.

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Aurelia wrote: Good for you...A simple little gesture like that really made a difference in his day. You are a very caring person taking time during a busy day to notice a need and to do something to make his day better. Smile :) ~Aurelia
brighteyes wrote: was not only the generosity or donation BUT THAT YOU HONOR ME AS A PERSON...we are really all you treat everyone is how you treat yourself...if we want a better, kinder world THEN WE MUST BE THE CHANGE.
Congrats to you for making his day and my day too! (wink) Brighteyes
kennedyjet wrote: your the bestest!!ThankYOU for all that you did for someone else!!You rock!!!!
lovebug wrote: You don't have to wait for Easter, Christ has already risen in you.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Way to go afriendlysmile. Your kindness is always appreciated and makes a difference!
Jeniffer wrote: We need a million more people like you! Its sad how some people look down on others, but inspiring how people like you look past outside appearances and see someone's heart. Thank you

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