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My Wonderful Mother

--by paulaburan, posted Aug 18, 2014
I sent a letter to my mother thanking her for all the love, care, and kindness she has given me throughout my life. I believe that mothers like mine can ever be thanked enough for all the tremendous sacrifices they make for their children.
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sandyremillard wrote: Lovely for you to recognize her love. Namaste!
caracanna wrote: In this day of "digital" only emails, i can only imagine the love your mom felt for you while reading this. Every year on my birthday i would call my mom first thing and thank her - for without her i wouldn't be here. I lost her 2 years ago this august and miss her so very, very much every day.
brindlegirl wrote: I agree with you. Our mothers deserve all our love and to be told every chance they get. Sadly our mothers are not with us forever.
Mish wrote: This made me think of my Mom (long gone). She was a true Angel. Bless all Mothers who give, give, give.
hope2013 wrote: Proud of you. Only wish that I would have told my mother that I loved her and appreciated all she did for me, before her unexpected passing.

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