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What Nobody Ever Does

--by ElleDee, posted Aug 23, 2014
Today I got in touch with my go-to I.T. guy. He is part of our Executive Support team at my office. 

I typically instant message him in the office when something has gone wrong, or my boss has locked out his password, or we need some urgent thing fixed. He always springs to action, coming to the rescue and helping us right away. 

Today, I messaged him and said, "Hi! I don't need anything today but wanted to thank you for all you always do." 

He was so happy! He said, "Nobody ever does that!" He said it made his afternoon! 

How long did that take me? No time at all. And it didn't cost a thing! 

Thank yous are free - but they are priceless! Imagine if people you knew just thanked you for the little things in life. You'd be getting such nice messages all day!
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tcattcs wrote: As a former technical support manager i can tell you how much this is appreciated. In my 15 years i think only twice did someone call me just to say hi, you're doing a good job! It made my day.
gauri78sha wrote: Good deed!
duchened wrote: Your small gesture was vert kind! A thank you goes a long way. Good for you!
musicgal3 wrote: That was lovely of you. You are right: if only everyone did this, life would be so much nicer!
denisemj wrote: Thanks for making his day :)
jomartin87112 wrote: bless your heart!
vitalreiki wrote: Your header is so true! Feel and express!

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