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A Simple Note

--by dosomething, posted Aug 25, 2014
I just sent an email to my daughter's 2nd grade teacher (and CC'd the principal) to thank her for all the little extra things she is doing this year as a teacher that are motivating and inspiring my daughter to keep learning even after school when she gets home. My daughter has never been so enthusiastic about what she learned at's very refreshing and I wanted her teacher know it!
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gauri78sha wrote: Wonderful act of kindness. I can understand how much effort teachers puts in each and every child of the class to make them better person.
musicgal3 wrote: Wonderful! It's not often teachers are thanked for doing their jobs so well. I'm sure both she and the principal were very touched.
proActive wrote: It is raelly a touching act of kindness. I myself is a teacher and if that happens to me i would be very happy for the recognition of this small act. Thanks to you! =)))

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