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Clay Hearts

--by albremlee, posted Aug 23, 2014
I just joined the challenge yesterday and have been thinking of some creative ways to lift some spirits. I have started on a batch of clay hearts which I will paint and add a inspirational word. I plan on leaving them in random spots for others to pick up. Hopefully they will bring a smile to those who find them :) 

Below is a photo of the clay hearts. I hope they get picked up and regifted again and again!
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newdayvow wrote: These are beautiful. I know it would make my day to find one of these, so i'm sure they made a lot of people happy.
Ladybird1 wrote: That's a lovely idea!

sandyremillard wrote: This is great! I believe in imitating all that's good and this is one i will follow. Thank you so much for such inspiration! Namaste, sandy
f.nn wrote: Wow, this is such an amazing idea and the hearts look great! :)) i guess you will cheer up lots of people with it! And thanks for being so kind and sharing the names of the materials you used with us. Maybe i will also make some of them. The idea is just too awesome! :))
2nd grade project wrote: My son and i were doing a class project on things in the news to show "kindness". We printed out this idea and showed to the class. And then my son cut out little squares of construction paper and put a sweet note on each square. He hid them on each classmates' desk as a little note of kindness. Pay it forward! Thanks for a great idea.
ohadinte wrote: Beautiful idea. I am going to do the same here in israel.
albremlee wrote: Angi -of course i don't mind if you do this ;) it would be awesome and i am so happy you like the idea!
blaize wrote: As others have said, these hearts are really lovely. Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing (with us and with the world!
albremlee wrote: Marnie - absolutely! It would be my pleasure to send a batch to you.

Please send me your address to my email and i will ship them to you before oct 20th!
My email is: thoughtfulcreations22@gmail. Com

And congratulations on your retirement!
Angi wrote: I love these! Do you mind if i borrow your idea and make some too?

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