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My Turn

--by prushbrook, posted Sep 6, 2014
Today it was my turn to receive a random act of kindness.

I was visiting relatives in Anchorage, Alaska, and my wife was in the hospital with viral meningitis. It was her first day and she was feeling poorly.

I went to the cafeteria to get some breakfast and after looking around, I decided on eggs and sausage. As I went to pay, the clerk said there was no charge because the person in front of me had paid my bill.

I looked up and didn't see anyone at first, but when I went around a corner, she was standing there. I asked if she was the one who had bought me breakfast and she said that she was.

I thanked her and asked if she often "paid it forward". She was surprised that I had recognized her act as a random act of kindness.

She said she did it to welcome me to the hospital and hoped I would enjoy my "day on the planet".

At that moment, I found myself in tears. It gave me a boost to handle the issues that were facing me.
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awom7604 wrote: The reason given by her for doing that random act of kindness is really touching. Wish more of such people surround those in need of caring thoughts. God bless her and touch your wife with his healing hands.
sandyremillard wrote: How lovely! Wishing you all good health and see how god's helpers are always around?
rosieb wrote: I see you being held in god's hands.
brindlegirl wrote: This has me in tears. It is beautiful to be on the receiving end of kindness as it reminds us all how good it feels to receive and only makes us want to give what we have more.
brindlegirl wrote: Oh and I wanted to add. I hope your wife is feeling better and that she makes a full recovery soon xoxox
Mish wrote: Glad a "kindness angel " was there for you at this stressful time.

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