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Rock N Roll Never Dies

--by hiloecho, posted May 2, 2007
After 11 years of being "lucky to live Hawaii" my wife and I are moving to Florida to take care of my Mother.  It's a real treat for my wife, who is a local girl who has never been to the mainland.  

To minimize expenses we decided to mail the essentials from Hawaii to Florida -- the cheapest solution we could come up with. This also meant parting with things that we have held onto.  Things like my cassette tape collection,  along with my vinyl record collection. I'm guessing that I probably had about 300+ cassette tapes, mostly 60-70's rock and around 100 or so vinyl LP's, many bootlegs and a lot of great cover art.

I called our local radio station and told my friend DC, the morning jock, that I'd like to donate them to a listener who would appreciate them and give them a good home. He put it on the air, said that the first caller would get the cassettes and within minutes, a listener named "Spike" was over joyed to get them!

The following day DC gave away my vinyl collection and I'm glad they will have a home where they will be listened to.
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MissKK wrote: Wow, what a sweet thing for you to do! Music really brings joy to people and I'm sure Spike will get hours of good times out of enjoying that collection!:)
warmth wrote: great that your friend helped you share your collection who will appreciate them like u.
ieiblue wrote: they say..sacrifice is the true measure of giving... it may cost you but it sure is something for these people.. :P
manzi wrote: Giving out things that you treasure has a lot of meaning.It means you care for others. It means you have a heart of Jesus Christ who gave His own life for our sake.
You gave up your treasure in order to make someone happy.Thats good.Keep the flame burning in Florida.
jan wrote: That was so very kind of you to share. You made a lot of people happy. The people will cherish and take care of what you gave.
speedi wrote: It is so hard to give away something we truly care about,,until then we cannot learn we own things they do not own us and that they are in fact only pocessions
The real gift here is giving up a home and a life you know and love to go tend for a loved one,,,God Bless
Cruz41 wrote: Sharing things that give us happiness increas our joy in giving.
eyemknowsyko wrote: I also have an huge record collection. I think I would cry if I had to part with them. I also think that knowing someone would take good care of them and hopefully love them as much as I do would make it a little easier. Great idea!
Deb wrote: I have to say it will be the best thing you ever do in life.
My Mom got cancer I live in Myrtle Beach SC and I had to leave my husband and daughter and move to CT.
I lost my Mom 3yrs ago, but they where the best time of my life I got to know my Mom as a person see how her friends loved her the stories I heard that time I missed blessed my heart. You will have some hard times but think on the bright side look at her face listen to her and feel her love of life.
God bless you 4 ever
Metta wrote: That's really nice of you to do! Hope you all have a nice move to Florida and best wishes!

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