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Clean Computers For The Neighbors

--by diamondriot, posted Sep 5, 2014
We just moved and seriously downsized our home. In the process I gave away many of the things that were special to me. I just didn't see how they could be of value to anyone with their beauty hidden in a box, sitting in storage! 

Last week I promised to get the hard-drives cleaned on two of our computers so our neighbors (whose computers have crashed and who can't afford new ones) can have working computers. 

From the beginning of our marriage my husband and I have given away so much more than we have ever sold. It has always served as a perfect reminder of how blessed we are. We also notice that when we share the other people involved usually share also. It's that old pay-it-forward mentality.
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Dounan Hu wrote: What you did was a very kind thing. Having been working for an organization that helps getting computers to those who need, i know how difficult but also rewarding it can be to give and keep giving. Best of luck to you.
sandyremillard wrote: Such a good feeling to help others and you've had the means to do it! Just perfect.
brindlegirl wrote: I'm sure there will be something... even if its your time. Because like you I too have given away most things precious to me. I too am trying to think of something. Perhaps my time as often I will say no to my kids as I want to do something for me but today maybe I'll say yes and give away my precious time :)
Mish wrote: Givers are always blessed.....blessed be.

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