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Pizza Delivery!

--by brindlegirl, posted Sep 7, 2014
Today I did something I have never done before. I ordered delivery pizza for our neighbours at our back fence whom I don't know.

I've been watching them all as a family this past week (parents and teenage children) spend their weekends in the garden. Cutting trees, picking up rubbish, and doing such a big job. It has warmed my heart so much.

So as a nice treat on this hot day, I discovered their address and went down to the local pizza shop. I ordered 2 pizzas, coke, and garlic bread, and had it all delivered to them. I left no name except to tell them to have a nice day and that this was a random act of kindness.

So far this is the biggest act I have done. I love it. I really hope they felt loved today and I'm so glad that lunch was on me!
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cey92 wrote: This is lovely! Well done, its a very generous gesture and i'm sure it was appreciated. Must have been a nice surprise for them!
cabbage wrote: That is the most awesome kindness! You are a rockstar/angel :-)
Hugs to you---and thanks for the great idea!
debbe530 wrote: Somehow i missed this. Stealthy food kindness. You rock, bg.
debbe530 wrote: I missed this. Wow. Ehs5 s terrific act of stealthy kindness. You rock!
mind_elevated wrote: Amazing! Such a great idea.
catherine.griwko wrote: After all that hard yard work, i'm sure it was much appreciated! Hope you'll get to know them better soon.
Monalisa wrote: Lovey! Reading this brought a smile to my face and loads of happiness! I will be sharing this.
gauri78sha wrote: Fantastic idea!
Alissa wrote: I love this idea! Wow!
kiwicat wrote: You have such a good and kind heart. I'd love that after a day gardening!

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