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Everyone Loves Candy!

--by AiyaZaynab, posted May 11, 2007
I was talking on the phone to my friend Naima, and how I need to be more considerate and generous because I want to improve on those areas.

But she said she thought I was very considerate, like when I made sure she got extra candy on the way out of my house. 

So I think even though we want to do really big nice things for people, like go out and raise money for the poor or collect things for local shelters, I think we do a lot of kind things without even realizing it.  :)
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ADEMI wrote: I agree with you, Let's all keep it up
Aurelia wrote: I agree, with those simple acts of kindness, like a smile or gentle hug or holding the door open for someone behind you...that are all simple, but so important!!!! You are Wonderful! ~Aurelia
bluqtgyrl wrote: every act of kindness counts, no matter how small!
Bibirose wrote: Who measures the act of kindness; the one doing the act or the one receiving it?

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