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Seaworld Cell Phone

--by aurelia, posted May 13, 2007

We recently visited Seaworld, in Florida!!!

While in the ladies' room I found a cell phone on the floor in the stall I was in. I quickly picked it up and loudly stated I found the cellphone on the floor and held it out under the stall door.

Someone said  "That's Mine, thank you so much!" 

Right as I was leaving, the women came to me and thanked me for being honest and quickly shouting that I found the phone before she left.  Because the park is very large, families go in different directions and meet up again by using the cellphones to locate one another.

I felt good that she appreciated my efforts of not being shy in the bathroom! :)

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Writer Unknown wrote: Let's say there is a quarter on the floor. My friend and I would dive for it and beat each other up for it. But people like you would always make sure that the person who really needs it gets it. That's what this world needs: unconceited people always thinking of others - not themselves...
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi aurelia

Just goes to show we can do acts of kindness in the most unexpected places and times,lol,good on you.

lovebug wrote: Good fast thinking, I probably would have taken it to the lost and found, I hope I can remember to use my voice when I find something, the owner might be close by

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