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Share Your Magazines

--by samson95, posted May 17, 2007

I get several magazines in the mail monthly. 

I hate to just throw they away, so I leave them in the breakroom where I work.

This way I am recycling, and someone gets to read some great magazines for free!

:) :) :)


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Dani wrote: i used to do that too, and all the girls loved it so much they would buy me a magazine once in while. which is a great example of help others, help yourself..
i love good karma... great idea
geri wrote: Thanks for the idea of what to do with all my magazines and books I was planning to get rid of. I will bring them to the local dialysis unit and to doctors offices.
afriendlysmile wrote: Hi samson95
Two birds with one stone, nice one.

Go smiling.
afriendlysmile :):)
AURELIA wrote: Samson95, Great idea. I also see them on a rack at the entrance of the Library...Doctor's Offices will usually take them too. ~Aurelia
pebbles wrote: As a former dialysis patient I know how wonderful it is to get used books and magazines donated to the dialysis center. They are always welcome. I have also forwarded them to friends as a little thinking of you gift. I am with you about not throwing them away but, letting someone else get some use and enjoyment out of them. Great idea. Pebbles
ieiblue wrote: sam great some books to which my tutee gave me also... il try to follow what you did!!! kudus!
brighteyes wrote: We started a book shelf at work and everyone is welcome to bring their old books and magazines and take to read...I like the idea of bringing to a Dr, Dentist or Dialysis unit....going to that as there is one a few miles again...thanks for the idea Pebbles!

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