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Just A Visit

--by Ranger2, posted May 22, 2007

We live in a retirement complex here in Adelaide. 

My daughter and I went to visit the couple who live across the road from us. The woman has recently returned from hospital after having a stroke and she was excited to see my daughter.  We spent  a long time with them just talking and laughing.

Our visit really bought a smile to her face.

I really enjoyed making this couples day by spending some quality time with them.

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bibirose wrote: Hi, I have to ask is that Adelaide, South Australia? If so I live down in Victor Harbor. Now to my comment...
Nothing gladdens the heart like giving especially when it comes from an unexpected source like your daughter & yourself...many blessings to you
ieiblue wrote: way to go ranger!!!!! big big hug for you! :P
brighteyes wrote: When I went to visit my Mom who lives in a retirement community I agreed to go with her to visit the Mom of a friend of hers who lives in the Nursing home of her community. We spent several hours there and I had her laughing...telling stories and jokes and when I left I gave her a big BEAR hug and a kiss. I suggested we go and visit her again later than week and then I was flying back home...I forgot all about it til my Mom's friend emailed me and thanked me for visiting her Mom whom she said has little company and how much my visits meant to them both....such a simple thing...I will do it again and am not inspired to visit a local nursing home and make a new friend there as well.
silver wrote: great work. way to be proactive...small things matter.

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